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I am an MRes student on a taught course of ‘Masters in Society and Education’ at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) ESRI dept. The following blog is a critical reflection on the learning journey I am taking through post-grad research.

Introductions (28/05/14)

My perceptions of the possible contexts and content of social research has expanded (and continues to expand) exponentially. Current reading involves Foucault, Rousseau, feminist journals and a fabulous book by David Byrne (How Music Works). On my to read list are: Deleuze and Guattari, Marx, Bakhtin, Zisek…and many more – mainly to properly frame some of the ideas and theories of which I am formulating.

I have undertaken in a crash course in (amongst other subjects): variations on post-modern theory, critical theories (social, feminist, race, queer etc), colonial/ post-colonial, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, multimodality, hermeneutics…My interest have been piqued particularly by feminist theory and general post-modern approaches which chime particularly with the complex and boundary-less world I see myself in.

I am adopting and learning to use a new language as I read. The challenge will be to not lose a tangible connection with the ideas and practice of silence and intuition, gut feelings and unspoken connections.

In a previous life I have been (and still am) a musician (both recreationally and academically) who writes and records his own music, I have a sound recording blog at  http://dannyemills.wordpress.com/ and music at www.dannyemills.com .


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