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Adventures in Autism

So I have been working in a school for autistic-spectrum children for about 4 weeks now and it’s been terribly interesting, enjoyable, exhausting and challenging! I even applied for a job (I am currently supply staff). I recently read a … Continue reading

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Positing Past and Present Pragmatic Paradigmatic Positions and Perspectives

A recent discussion in a classroom of research peers has led me to understand more about the importance and influence of myself, my background and personal perspectives in the research I might undertake. When discussing two sets of qualitative data provided by Yvette Solomon … Continue reading

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Qualitative, Quantitative Quandries

The following is a response to two recently partially devoured (currently being digested) texts: an article on ‘HERMENEUTICS AND POST-STRUCTURALISM’ by Tony Brown (1997) and ‘A Philosophy of Second Langugae Acquisition’ by Marysia Johnson (2003). This essay originally started off as centred around language … Continue reading

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A Seminar: Education

During class discussion we narrowed the subject of an upcoming seminar down to Education (I say narrowed…). Half of a group of six looking at schools nationally (possibly internationally) their performance, management, direction, contexts etc. The other half of the group (of … Continue reading

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Objective perspective invective

This post is a response to the following two videos (below). The focus of the critique, through class discussion, has been the importance and context of the first or third person perspective in these pieces and in and of academic/ … Continue reading

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Simple, innit?

So a quick thought: going forward I am realising that I have a lot of ideas and perspectives familiar to philosophy; rather than imposing philosophical ideas on my existing views, I am finding that I am discovering the academic language … Continue reading

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Music, a Flavour in Your Ear

I am a musician, I have been a musician for about 20 years: I have been a musician now for longer than I have not. In creating music my intention during its inception is that I can experience and enjoy music from the qualities … Continue reading

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