Simple, innit?

So a quick thought: going forward I am realising that I have a lot of ideas and perspectives familiar to philosophy; rather than imposing philosophical ideas on my existing views, I am finding that I am discovering the academic language in which to express these ideas more thoroughly, specifically and concisely. But I also realise that you look pretty foolish when using these big ol’ words in the wrong context: I mean never mind whether I understand what someone else means, do I really understand what I mean when I say ‘post-structuralism’?  From the descriptions I have read it doesn’t really sound like anyone knows what post-structuralism or post-post-modernism is, seen-as no one can agree.

BUT! I really believe that whilst these complex thoughts and ideas lend themselves to academic language and (to take a structuralist’s view) informs and shapes the ideas themselves: I am making a conscious effort to bring these ideas back and express them in a more universally understandable way; for what is the purpose of finding, mining, discovering different perspectives, useful perspectives: if we are only communicating them to the people who already understand them – people who already have the tools of understanding?

With this is mind I am going to publish within this blog, a layman’s guide – that is my own take – on each idea I come across, starting with ‘Structuralism’ and maybe a little bit about ‘humanism’. I will try to paint a picture with some original pictures, descriptions and diagrams because I myself am a very visual learner: I understand with all my senses. I want to pick choice references to very real world, understandable concepts because philosophical concepts I think all stem from the simplest of ideas and most common of stimulus. There is often no need to muddy the water with complicated, exclusive and elitist language for some very fundamental concepts that a person comes into contact with on a daily basis. I myself do enjoy learning new words and therefore new perspectives and I want to acknowledge the importance and usefulness of extended academic ideas, but I also want to bring those ideas back down to earth (because that’s where I live!).

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