My World or Yours?

The World. Hmmm. My personal belief lies in the importance of, not the existence of, either a material or idealist world. I do believe in the material world and it’s importance as obejctive reality as we have available, but I don’t believe in our human ability to view or experience a pure version of it. My ownthoughts tend towards the idea that our world is essentially internal and created by our senses. Perception is of vital importance to how we socialise physically and emotionally and social existence/ the world of human coexistence is, I think, the most important to the human animal and gives our experience of the world the most relevant context.

I think I understand why so many mathemagicians see ‘God‘ in an equation, I am thinking that it’s the desire to use logic as a substitute sense to detect the real world, the world hidden from the bias of our senses – by circumventing our senses entirely and finding proof of the world ‘outside’. I think this is part of the desire for a ‘superhuman’ in both popular fiction and Nietchian philolosophy or the desire for a god or computer to show us the world as it really is – an acknowledgement of the fallibility of human senses. Wherever existence started or may end, we are still only sentient organisms making sense of the world according to our ability to do so – be it social, material, rational or idealistically (or the million other paradigms available to us!). Our ability to examine and communicate our experience just happens to surpass that of all other life on the planet. This makes us more knowledgable but are there higher goals than knowledge? In alot of cultures, knowledge is not the God it is in the predominant western culture. I guess even ‘higher’ is a sign of cultural bias. Complicated businesss this ‘thinking’ malarky’!

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